Cagliari, my town

Cagliari, my town

Cagliari logo  hipster style
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#Cagliari #mytown is a design project as a tribute to our beautiful town. We wish to re-brand Cagliari with different logos and design styles, suitable for various situations. After all we think Cagliari is good for all occasions.

Cagliari, hipster style

Logo, vintage/hipster style. Elephant Tower, 1307.

Cagliari, institutional modern logo

Institutional logo but modern. The lettering is a sans serif gothic font and the three badges are a distinctive feature of the Elephant Tower (1307).

Cagliari, Art & Design

One more illustration related to the Elephant Tower. Cagliari is a town of artists, musicians, architects, designers. We thought Cagliari by a creative viewpoint.

Cagliari, Minimal Design

Minimal style logo with "Castello" skyline, a typical flamingo flying by and thin lines aqua and sand.

Cagliari, apparel /fashion style

And if #Cagliari was an apparel brand?

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Alessio Massidda is an Internet enthusiast since the web was born. Works in the field of communication by 18 years covering different roles. Today he is a creative director, UI/UX designer, copywriter, interested in marketing and branding. Loves traditional paper books, cinema, music, art and animals.

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