50+ Black, Heavy and Extra Bold Fonts for Logos And Headlines

50+ Black, Heavy and Extra Bold Fonts for Logos And Headlines

October 5, 2011 by Alegufo

When I’m looking for a particular kind of font, like elegant fonts or funny fonts, I usually watch the font collections by designers that quickly show you a preselection of interesting and “tested” fonts. Unfortunately, many of the best types aren’t for free, that’s right of course, but for a designer who has to present several layouts for one project that’s a big trouble, in particular for the freelancers taking part in graphic contests. We can’t spend hundreds dollars just for a showcase but we need the best characters for showing multiple options to our clients and obviously making several attempts to find the most suitable font for our design. I made this collection for cataloguing the best heavy, black and extra bold fonts. I really like them because are excellent for logos and headlines and I think we missed a document that gains legible, big, black fonts for FREE DOWNLOAD. Even if you can download them for free, always remember that many of the following types need a commercial license.


Helvetica fonts are very flexible and don’t need any further comment because everybody knows this family, I love it! Helvetica Black free download.

SWISS 721 Black Condensed

Swiss 721 Black Condensed is a very good alternative to Helvetica Neue Black Condensed. I really like the Swiss because it’s a little bit more condensed and thinner than the HNBC. Swiss 721Black Condensed free download.

Lobster v1.4

Lobster is definitely one of my favorite font. Go to http://www.impallari.com/lobster/ where you can download the font and read the author description about the excellent properties of this font, it’s a very interesting article about the ligatures between letters and the hard work behind this font. This font is totally free! You can use it for your website too. http://www.google.com/webfonts#UsePlace:use/Collection:Lobster

Futura Extra Black

The Futura is a great character, the extra black style is quite different from the original classic Futura Medium because the letter tips are sliced. The Extra Black version is very helpful when you have a short headline. Futura Black free download.

Enter Sansman

Enter Sansman is a very popular font, often used in the motor industry, cars, cycles, tyres and sports in general. Very good in the Bold Italic version too. Enter Sansman is very close to “Serpentine”, that is a larger family of the same font with the serif style too, but Enter Sansman is free and there are little differences in small caps.


Serpentine has a large diffusion in the auto part industry, motors and so on, like the Enter Sansman just presented. Here I show the serif Bold Italic version.
Serpentine Bold Italic free download.

Serif Black

Serif Black’s singularity is its half serif. Set a large tracking when you use it.

Frutiger Black

A very good, well balanced, clean, corporate font. Download for free the “Frutiger LT STD 75 Black”.

Cooper Black

Beautiful font for baby and kid stuff and not too serious occasions.


Very nice and modern free font.


This is the font of the Raiders football team. The uppercase is exactly alike the Futura Extra Black, but the lowercase got some difference in the following letters: “a”, “b”, “d”, “p”, “q”. I love the style of these letters! And “Raiders” it’s free, so it’s an excellent alternative to the Futura Extra Black.

Nilland Black

Nilland font is a typical slab serif font, modern with a retro taste. Notice how the “N” and the “l” play with “i”. It’s free and it can be used in a very creative way, it’s up to you. :) http://www.dafont.com/nilland.font

Padaloma Italic

It’s an interesting free font, ideal for races theme, tyres and dynamic activities or extreme sports.

Santana Black Condensed

This type is very particular, I like it very much because is pretty warm, “juicy”, “fruity” and it’s free.

Franklin Gothic Heavy

This is one of the most beautiful sans serif font families, just one word “historical”.
Franklin Gothic Heavy free download.

Quorum Black

I really appreciate this character because it’s very close to the classical serif fonts but it has its own personality and keep a nice looking in the black version. Not easy to find a beautiful serif font so big.
Quorum Black free download.

Thick Deco

If you are looking for a big, funny and cartoonish font but solid and free, Thick Deco could be the right answer.


Usually I’m not a great fan of this kind of types but sometime it could be functional to your work and it deserves a place in a collection. It’s free.


Peculiarity of this font is the “wave” in some lowercase letter. Original and more flexible than meets the eye, totally free!


Modern, futuristic, technological and free!


Solid, rounded font, different from the classic sans serif. Unusual dots on the “j” and “i”.

ARB-187 Moderne

Original, big and free serif font.


Great slab serif. Some possible logo using: construction, transportation, forniture mover or newspaper.
AaronBold, Aachen and Aapex are very similar fonts, but Aaron licence is totally free. AaronBold free download.

Fritz Quadrata

Beautiful uncommon serif!
Fritz Quadrata free download.

Bodoni Poster

Very legible retro type.

Agency Black

I love this font, it’s an excellent sans serif font, solid, strong, modern and corporate.

The Sans Extra Bold Caps

Beautiful, clean, reliable sans serif. Watch if you like that kind of “Q”.
The Sans Extra Bold Caps free download.

Aller Display

Different from the other fonts of the Aller family, that’s very nice and free, the Aller Display is a big mixed “Caps”.


Free extra bold font, partially stencil, it’s creative and legible.

Say it Fat!

This is the less legible font of my collection, but it’s so modern, fresh and funny that deserves a place in a big bold font collection. It’s free!


Check your MyriadPro family, probably the black style of this great font is missing. If you wanna try it before buying…


Modern and creative font, it has a technological feel but you could use also for sportswear or a young fashion brand.


Very nice free bold and technological font.

Tennessee Heavy Bold Italic

Often bold is set against elegant, I think this font is a clear example that sometimes it isn’t so.


Not too serious, a bit cartoonish, anyway highly legible, dynamic and free… splendid font!

Sketch Block

One of the best sketch type, http://www.dafont.com/sketch-block.font
Sketch Rockwell is its twin. http://www.urbanfonts.com/fonts/Sketch_Rockwell.htm

Berlin Sans Bold

A nice font that mixes softness and thickness.


Bold, grunge and readable. Unmissable.

28 Days Later

28 Days Later and Base 02 are the best grunge fonts that every designer should have in his font book.

Barmeno Bold

A really beautiful font, creative and elegant in a certain way. http://www.fontsner.com/font/Barmeno_Bold-40567.html

Fago Condensed Black

Very nice, flexible font that you can use for many industry types, let it to your feeling and your imagination.


Not in love with this kind of font, but sometime you need it and Bullpen is a good one.

Maiandra Black Italic

Pretty, cute, feminine font. Nice the thinner italic versions too.

Mano Extra Bold

Mano is a good surprise, I really like the lowercase.


Saddlebag is one of the best “western/saloon style” font. It’s pretty wide so I recommend it for short words. Totally free.


A good, big, square sans serif with a bit of sci-fi, free licence for commercial and personal use.

The Mix Extra Bold

A mix of slab serif and sans serif characters. It could have interesting applications.

Bauhaus Heavy

A great classic always up to date.

ARB-218 Big Blunt

One of the bolder but legible font that you can find. It’s free.


A very big serif, for free!




This is a very nice, new but popular font, free licence for commercial and personal use.

Delicious Heavy

A really appreciated font by designers, me too, that you can’t miss :)

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