33 script, handwritten, cursive, free fonts

33 script, handwritten, cursive, free fonts

May 4, 2012 by Alegufo

There are hundreds, maybe thousands of handwritten, script and cursive types in the web. It’s very hard to make a selection because many of them are really well done and personal preferences are decisive for a choice. In this collection I placed a mix of popular characters, types requested by clients and of course some fonts that I like. All available for free download!


Airstream font free download


Aspire DemiBold font free download


Bailey font free download

Ballpark Weiner

Ballpark Weiner font free download

Black Jack

Black Jack font free download


Blokletters font free download

Burlington Script

Burlington Script font free download

Channel Slanted 2

Channel font free download


Christopherhand font free download

Cygnet Round

Cygnet Round font free download


Daniel font free download

Dear Joe 5 Casual

Dear Joe font free download

Hand of Sean

Hand of Sean font free download

Hannahs messy handwriting

Hannahs messy handwriting font free download


Imitation font free download

James Fajardo

James Fajardo font free download

Jayne Print

Jayne Print font free download

Jellyka – Estrya’s Handwriting

Jellyka – Estrya’s Handwriting font free download

Jenna Sue

Jenna Sue font free download

Joe Hand 2

Joe Hand 2 font free download


Khedive font free download

Kyne Morgan

Kyne Morgan font free download


Lavanderia font free download


Lobster font free download
Don’t abuse this great font! :)

Marriage Script

Marriage Script font free download

Pea Diana

Pea Diana font free download

Reenie Beanie

Reenie Beanie font free download

Richard Murray

Richard Murray font free download

Tartine Script Black

Tartine Script Black font free download

The Battle Continuez

The Battle Continuez font free download


Velocette font free download

Wisdom Script

Wisdom Script font free download

Worstveld Sling

Worstveld Sling font free download
Check out the versions Bold and Extra.

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  1. June 14, 2012 by Gridlock

    And yet pretty much all of these cursive fonts SUCK for readability in many cases.
    Granted that they are pretty and flowing, but in communication function (the true goal of any language or font), the letter confusion level is very high.
    I cut vinyl signs and there are few functional cursive or script fonts.
    For example, I did a quickie vinyl cut for “Ivan’s” (second word I forget) and had to review all my cursive and script fonts for a functional font. Why, you ask? Well, all of the cursive script capital ‘I’ letters looked like a capital ‘J’ making “Ivan’s” in “Juans” with many lower-case ‘u’ characters looking like ‘v’. Had to hackjob up a fake letter “I” with the top & bottom bars and junked the horrible “I” that came with the script.

    In the fonts above, the “Aspire” Font looks rather good, but suffers from the ‘I’ & ‘J” confusion. “Wisdom Script” is beautiful, but ‘I’ & ‘J’ & ‘T’ all are too similar in shape thusly making them worthless without letter substitution from other fonts (if possible) or hackjobbing up a fake clearer version of that poorly designed letter.
    “Velocette”, beautiful script, gorgeous in fact, yet in the visual sample provided here, lower-case ‘c’ is very much a distinctive lower-case ‘r’ for someone whom has not seen the whole script which indeed has a very nice ‘r’, but a poorly conceived ‘c’ shape which makes the example look like “Velorette” to someone whom only sees one word in a sign.
    “Richard Murray”, again, ‘I’ & ‘J’ & ‘f’ all look very visually similar to a quick glance.
    “Tartine Script Black”, beautiful functional, ‘I’ & ‘T’ are visually confusing, the numbers all jumping randomly over the baseline (UGH!).
    Most script fonts are beautiful at first glance on an A-to-Z lineup and an utter mess when it comes to basic function.

    • June 14, 2012 by Alegufo

      Hi, thanks for your comment. I quite agree with you. I really pay attention when I’m branding and I need to use a cursive font. You are right, readability in communication is fundamental and when I approached this job, David Ogilvy’s mission was my reference point. I think when making a sign or a logo the problem is more manageable because usually there is only one or two uppercases and you can substitute or adjust, while if I work on a flyer or a brochure surely my first thought it is not to use a script or handwritten font but if I need it, I consider those problems like you did.

      Anyway I have to notice two things:

      1. The problem you reported, in some case, it’s the cursive alphabet in its-self, not the font. When I was a scholar learning cursive letters, I saw the similarities that you said. Maybe my teacher provided her calligraphy for a couple of types, but “I” and “F” were exactly the same letter, the only difference was adding the “-” in the “F”. I totally agree for problems concerning the “T”, it never should be similar to the “I”. If it happens, it’s an error of the type in my opinion and however it doesn’t match my taste.
      2. In many languages characters are different or some letters are missing. For example in Italy we have just 21 letters and we don’t have the “j”. So if you see an uppercase “i” rarely you can’t think that’s an “i”!

      I think sometime we can go over that, as we write Illinois in a sans serif.


  2. June 14, 2012 by Gridlock

    “Cygnet Round” letter confusion ‘I’ & ‘F’ & ‘T’ all looks identical at a quick glance. ‘L’ & ‘P’ nearly identical. ‘Q’ looks like generic ’2′ of many other fonts (although not in this font).
    Otherwise a very pretty script (if you never use the words “Ivan” or “FOOT” or “FIT” or “IT”). Because “Foot” will look like “Loot” or “Toot” to any casual reader. “Fit” will look like “Lit” or “Tit” to any casual reader.

    When I use the “Lobster” font for anything I always chop off the top dangler on the “L” to prevent confusion with an italic generic “Z”.

    I always thought the goal was for elegance, fancy, grace, not confusion, frustration, unintentional humorous word confusion and grammar perplexity.

  3. June 18, 2012 by Jason "J-Ryze" Fonceca

    This is an absolutely fantastic list + resource. So good of you to gather these great script fonts, and share them with pics and all.

    Keep up the great work!

    • June 18, 2012 by Alegufo

      Thank you very much for the support!

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  6. January 14, 2013 by rosacea natural treatment

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on free font download.

  7. January 17, 2013 by Wine Dine

    Aspire is quite a nice font. Would like to try it on http://winedinedaily.com .

  8. March 31, 2013 by cherie

    Reenie Beanie and Christopherhand have broken links

    • March 31, 2013 by Alegufo

      Thank you very much for warning, the links have been updated.

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