Work Overview

AcuApp is the application created by Maitri Hillebrecht based on her book “Akupressur - der sanfte weg zum Wohlbefinden”. Acupressure is variation of acupuncture, with the only difference that anyone can do it by fingers pressure, simply downloading AcuPressur and following images, positions, illustrations, descriptions.We made ​​the Android application building a database and developing a parser in Java. AcuApp is available in three languages ​​(English, Spanish and German) and three version (Free, Basic and Premium).

Our work:

  • Android
  • Database building
  • Symptoms list
  • Pressure points list
  • Detailed interface and images
  • Multilanguage system with recognition by phone
  • Free, Basic, Premium versions
  • iOS
  • Basic version (already existing) bugs fixing
  • Premium and Free version release


  • Mobile Apps

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