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Work Overview

Sometime a little expedient can change your working life meaningfully. We improved quality and speed of our work impressively, just using simple checklists. Therefore we believe checklists are a great helpful tool for those who think quality and sharpness as a lifestyle. So we matched our precious checklists to what we do better, the software development. The result is Whalist, a web and mobile application to create, perform or assign the checklists. All data are archived and easily examined through graphics, so we got immediately the total control of what we do.

Whalist is a web and mobile application, thought, designed and developed by our creative team. Based on studies by Dr. Atul Gawande, Whalist is a productivity tool that allow users to save time, decrease errors, work safely and improve their quality standards, through an easy-to-use system of checklists and related tasks. A checklist is definitely helpful when performing very complex tasks, boring routines or when engaging critical environments where any error must be avoided. Checklists should be re-used and guarantee high performances and reliability over the course of time, in comparison to the to-do-lists that are good just once.

Our work:

  • Design
  • Corporate Brand
  • Management Platform
  • Mobile User Interface
  • Drupal Website
  • Development
  • Checklists and tasks creation
  • Multiuser
  • Monitoring
  • Sharing
  • Multimedia Attachments
  • Data Collect


  • Software Development
  • Business Intelligence
  • Web Solutions
  • Mobile Apps
  • Design & Communication
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